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Are you tired of watching your website languish in the depths of google map pack?


Or are you yearning to see your online presence soar, attracting floods of eager customers? Look no further than MGR Automations & Marketing.


Our team specialises in catapulting businesses to the summit of search engine rankings, with our methods your business will be driving organic traffic, inevitably putting more money in your pocket.


We use tried and tested strategies like GBP optimisation and citation building to make sure google knows your an authority in your niche and that you should be trusted.

How important is the 1st page of google maps pack results?

Well read this,


The Google maps pack (popup of your GBP profile in search) shows in a a whopping 93% of local searches


It is undeniable that this can be a very substancial amount of traffic to your site.


But this is only when you are actually appearing in it and to be completly truthful most businesses arent,


At MGR, we harness the power of cutting-edge SEO strategies to ensure your website not only reaches the map pack spots but dominates it.


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Get the most from your existing website and brand by using SEO

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How Does Google Maps SEO​ Work?

Google Maps SEO works by optimising various factors that influence your business's ranking in local search results on Google Maps. A few things we do is make sure your GBP is correct with what google sees is right, we build custom maps and a small amount of citation links.

What sets your Google Maps SEO service apart from others?

Well, at MGR our Gooogle Maps SEO includes anything from the usual on Page and off page SEO to our unique google review reply automation. Despite this, what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to your business's success. We don't just apply cookie-cutter strategies; instead, we tailor our approach to suit your unique business needs and objectives. Our team genuinely cares about your success and works tirelessly to maximise your results and profits.

What is Google Maps SEO?

Google Maps SEO, refers to the process of improving a busineses online presence to improve its visibility in Google Maps pack. It involves various strategies and techniques aimed at increasing your business's ranking for location-based searches relevant to your products or services within google maps.

Do I need to have a physical Store to benefit from Google Maps SEO?

Absolutely not! Google Maps SEO also caters to in person service businesses, regardless of whether you operate from a physical storefront or offer services in various locations. We specialise in crafting custom maps that spotlight every area you serve, ensuring that your business shines brightly in local search results. Whether you're a brick-and-mortar establishment or a service-based business Google Maps SEO has its purpose.

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